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Fireworks above this year's Ice Palace.
Fireworks above this year's Ice Palace.

Adirondack Attic: Saranac Lake Ice Palace

We continue our series, the Adirondack Attic, with Andy Flynn. You may know Andy from his series of Adirondack Attic books on local history. He uses the objects people make, use and leave behind to tell stories about the life and times of the region.

NCPR is collaborating with Andy and his sources at the Adirondack Museum and other historical associations and museums in the region to bring these stories to air. Today, we'll get the history and the back-story of Saranac Lake's Winter Carnival, and its famous Ice Palace.  Go to full article
2011 in ice on the medieval castle wall
2011 in ice on the medieval castle wall

Carving a castle of ice in Saranac Lake

For more than a century, a palace built of ice has been the central focus of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival. Local volunteers design and build the structure out of ice blocks based on the Winter Carnival theme. This year, it's "Medieval Times", and photographer Mark Kurtz used his camera to profile the team of sculptors who filled the castle with frozen furnishings.  Go to full article

Longtime Saranac Lake fire chief dies

The village of Saranac Lake lost one of its most dedicated volunteers and community leaders over the weekend when Don Duso died at the age of 78. Duso was a member of the Saranac Lake Volunteer Fire Department for almost 54 years, serving as the department's chief four different times. He also was chairman of the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Committee for more than 20 years. But it was an unexpected encounter with a famous scientist when Duso was just a boy that many people will remember him for. Chris Knight reports.  Go to full article
The ice palace from a previous year
The ice palace from a previous year

The Ice Palace Lives

Something was missing from the opening of the Saranac Lake winter carnival last weekend. Namely the ice palace that's the traditional centerpiece of the 109-year-old event. The ground was pretty much bare, and there was just a pile of snow where the ice palace should have been. All that changed this week when the temperatures plunged and several inches of snow fell. Volunteers are now busy cutting ice blocks from the lake and stacking them into walls that form the palace. Last week, ice carver Ed Sharmer wasn't too hopeful. Yesterday, he told Gregory Warner the palace will be ready.  Go to full article

Books: Ice Palace

The Saranac Lake Winter Carnival, the oldest winter festival in the eastern U.S., celebrates its 107th anniversary when it returns the week of February 6th. The theme for 2004 is "Carnival Time". Author Deborah Blumenthal has written a children's book that focuses on the seasonal tradition in Saranac Lake. Ice Palace celebrates winter, art and community. It's the story of a giant ice castle created out of the frozen landscape from the point of view of a young girl. A work crew that includes people from the village and men from a nearby prison cuts and transports huge blocks of ice and builds them into the ice palace. Deborah Blumenthal, who grew up in New York City, now lives in Texas. But for years she and her family vacationed in the Adirondacks. She spoke with Todd Moe.  Go to full article

Saranac Lake Winter Carnival on Thin Ice

Winter Carnival season is almost here. Across the north country, towns and villages will hold parades and concerts--and they'll crown their winter royalty. But one thing in short supply this year is cold weather. As Brian Mann reports, thin ice and sparse snow may mean smaller celebrations and fewer tourists.  Go to full article

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